Creating Animated Tiles with Unity Tile Map

In the above scene, we see animated waterfalls. These are essentially special tiles that animate through several different frames, each frame being a separate sprite. How do we create this? It’s not that hard.

The first thing that needs to be done is to download the Unity 2d extras repository from Github. Go here: Unity-Technologies/2d-extras: Fun 2D Stuff that we’d like to share! (

As seen above, make sure you grab the branch that corresponds with your Unity Version. Once I choose the branch I then download the repository as a .zip and extract it. It is then easy to add it to your Unity project either through the package manager or by just dragging it into your assets folder.

Once that is done, we start by creating an animated tile (a new option after you’ve downloaded the 2d Extras):

With the tile created, we now need to set how many images will be used to make the animation. Here I will choose 30 as the waterfall animation I have is made up of 30 separate images:

Next, we need to add the images. This is done by simply dragging the individual images to the respective frames in the animated tile:

Now that the tile is complete, we need to add a new palette and then add the tile to the palette:

After creating the palette above, we need to add the tile to the palette:

Before we start drawing with the new animated tile, we should set the animation speed to something acceptable for our scene. Here I am going to use 30 frames per second, so I will set the minimum speed to 30:

Now we can start “drawing” our tile on the tile map:

After we place the animated tiles where we want them we end up with the final product, a fully animated waterfall in our scene:

A few steps are involved, but overall this is not difficult at all and it gives us a really cool effect.

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